Events Calendar 2020-2021

Art Competition!
More Details Coming Soon

We gave out art supplies in our goodie bag which can be used for: The National PTA Reflections theme for this year is “I Matter Because...”. Have you told your child how much they matter? Does your child understand how much they matter? Why they matter? What do they see when they look at themselves? What qualities can they share with others? Everybody matters and confidence in knowing why is such an amazing quality to have in itself. This has been a tough year so far and it is a great time to reflect on why each of us matter. These art supplies will be a stepping stone to give our students a chance to show what they see when they look at why they matter through art. More information will be shared with them through their teacher in the coming weeks.

SFES PTA Dance Fit

Congratulations Stallion Families, we raised over $24, 000 for the Boosterthon. Thank you for your continued commitment to supporting the efforts of our PTA. We truly appreciate your assistance.


Thank you for Participating in our virtual Bingo online! And a big Thank you to Target of Gaithersburg for sponsoring generous gifts for Bingo!